The lead singer of Object Heavy

Lost Coast Sessions: Word Humboldt

In partnership with public radio KHSU, Public TV stations KEET developed a series showcasing local jazz and heavy metal bands, acapella groups … and even a poetry slam. With a crew of 7, the stations taped the shows at a local theater, edited them into stand-alone half-hour episodes and broadcast the results. The series was designed to raise the profile of little-known bands, as well expand the audience for popular favorites.

Samantha White survived a sexual assault when she was 16. White now works as a life coach and finds she is able to identify with her clients in a uniquely empathetic way.

Seeking Conviction

Carolina Public Press led a first-of-its-kind statewide investigative reporting collaboration in North Carolina including 11 news organizations Over six and a half months, journalists analyzed statewide court data and conducted extensive interviews with sexual assault survivors, victim advocates, medical professionals, law enforcement, prosecutors and state officials across North Carolina. The investigation revealed that one in four sexual assault cases result in a conviction, and in 30 of the state’s 100 counties, there were no convictions at all in four and a half years.

Georgia News Lab

The Georgia News Lab is an award-winning investigative reporting collaborative. It’s mission is to train the next generation of investigative reporters, make the vital work of watchdog journalism affordable for local news organizations and increase diversity in professional newsrooms. The News Lab is a partnership between the top college journalism programs in Georgia, including historically black colleges (HBCUs), along with the leading news outlets in the Southeast, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WSB-TV and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

An American Homefront reporter working in Puerto Rico with troops from Fort Bragg

American Homefront

American Homefront is a national/local collaborative reporting project focused on improving coverage of military and veterans issues. WIth support from CPB, WUNC’s dedicated full-time reporter and full-time editor moderate a Slack channel and lead weekly calls with partner stations: KPCC (Los Angeles), Colorado Public Radio, Texas Public Radio (San Antonio) and WUSF (Tampa) WUNC’s listening area includes Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune, two of the largest military installations. American Homefront has helped WUNC build relationships with those communities and host the station’s first two engagement events in Fayetteville/Fort Bragg.

Women and Depression

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, and affects women at about twice the rate that it does men. The Connecticut Health I-Team dove deep into the data about women and depression and interviewed doctors, psychologists and women suffering from depression. The result was two 20-minute podcasts on women and depression, and stories that accompanied them. The stories were featured on C-HIT’s website and published by C-HIT’s 16 media partners.

Nathan Blaesing of Iowa City

Voices of Veterans sought out veterans in 2017 with two simple questions: What should Iowans know about being a veteran, and what could Iowans do to show their support? We answered these questions by going to veterans at places where their service is noted publicly, producing radio reports distributed statewide on a network of 19 stations, producing written stories distributed statewide, hosting a live storytelling event where five selected veterans shared about their lives, and recruiting partners to help spread these stories.


100 Days in Appalachia

100 Days in Appalachia was born the day after the 2016 election. Weary of parachuting journalists seeking insights into rural America, we launched 100 Days to challenge the narratives that had reduced our region to a handful of narrow stories. Appalachia is a large, complex region comprising 13 states and 25 million people. 100 Days is designed to share our stories with a global audience as we cover the complicated landscape of American politics through the prism of Appalachia.

Roseland Health/Salud

KRCB radio and TV is working with bilingual radio station KBBF in Santa Rosa to ask residents of one Santa Rosa neighborhood how their annexation into the city of Santa Rosa may affect their health. We’re talking with residents and stakeholders, broadcasting call-in shows and news features, and communicating in English and Spanish. We’re covering issues ranging from housing to immigration, from infrastructure to parks, describing how each contributes to the well-being of the community.

Breaking Heroin’s Grip: Road to Recovery

The continuing opioid crisis in communities served by Maryland Public Television’s broadcast signal prompted the station to develop an awareness and education initiative for early 2017. Giving the multi-month project the title of “Addiction & Recovery,” MPT sought to honestly portray the dark side of addiction while also providing hope, encouragement and access to professional help for those impacted by opioid abuse. The effort culminated in the broadcast of a 2017 production called Breaking Heroin’s Grip: Road to Recovery.