Band Together (2017 Finalist)


We believe music is a powerful force to bring people together. In fact, utilizing music to connect diverse audience is core to our station’s mission. And in Milwaukee, one of the country’s most segregated cities, this is more important than ever.

Last fall, we created “Band Together,” a unique evening of diverse, live music — featuring four bands from four genres. 

The lineup: 

1 – “Sista Strings” — two African-American sisters played classical music (violin and viola) on our rooftop during cocktail hour. 

We also called upon restaurant underwriters to provide a variety of ethnic appetizers (Mexican, African, Jamaican, Asian). 

2 – “Reyna” — two Mexican-born sisters who write/sing synth-pop originals

3 – “De La Buena” — multi-ethnic band that plays Afro-Cuban jazz 

4 – “Foreign Goods” — a primarily African-American band that plays a blend of jazz/R&B/hip hop

Between bands, while the stage was being re-set, we featured spoken word/storytelling performances about race and people coming together.

“Band Together” is part of an overall community outreach program called “Cultural Commons.” Radio Milwaukee partners with the P3 Development Group (contacts below) and our volunteer steering committee to strategize, plan and execute Cultural Commons programs.