“Santa Fe” is not so hard to rhyme, but how about “KSFR?”

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An editorial in the Santa Fe New Mexican this week salutes community radio station KSFR-FM “for the stroke of inspiration that brings some added class” to the city’s 400th anniversary celebration. News Director Bill Dupuy and reporter Dan Gerrity wrote new words for a monumental old tune, and 28 members of the New Mexico Men’s Camerata recorded it under the baton of Kenneth Knight. Listen online and you can follow these lyrics, ending with a crescendo and sonorous plug for one particular set of call letters:

“The sounds of the city in old Santa Fe
stir echoes of history with each passing day.
Through conflict and turmoil, these 400 years,
our cultures have blended amid joy and tears.
They banded together and here they did stay,
to live as one people in old Santa Fe.
To relive our history, you need not go far.
The town finds voice on K-S-F-R!”

The station has aired it a few times.

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