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Local that Works spotlights innovative and replicable content, engagement and revenue initiatives at public radio and TV stations and nonprofit and digital news organizations in the U.S. LTW includes an annual contest (deadline: August 23) and a database (below). LTW produces webinars that offer insights into projects and organizations that are reshaping local civic journalism.

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Resettled is a six-part podcast series that explores the complex resettlement process through the perspectives of refugees. The podcast team included two former journalists from Afghanistan and a poet and social entrepreneur from Iraq who had experienced resettlement themselves and offered valuable insight. Working with local nonprofits, VPM held a series of storytelling workshops in the community and recorded at booths during international festivals around the state.

Coronavirus, Briefly: Boston Coronavirus News in 3 Minutes

90.9 WBUR

Debuting on March 30, 2020, WBUR’s “Coronavirus, Briefly” provides Greater Boston audiences with a short audio update – a microcast – of the most important local coronavirus headlines every weekday evening via RSS, smart speaker, at wbur.org, and wherever you get your podcasts. It’s your chance to catch up on the day’s coronavirus news and stay informed, in just a few minutes.

Local Aliens and Valley Sounds: Promoting Huntsville’s Local Musicians

WLRH Huntsville Public Radio

WLRH promotes our community’s local musicians and vibrant performing arts scene through two parallel efforts. Local Aliens is a long running compilation CD series of all-local musicians produced by WLRH and given away to the community for free; while Valley Sounds is an all-local weekly broadcast music show and award-winning podcast featuring original music of all genres created and performed in the Tennessee Valley.

The Daily Dose podcast

WYPR Your Public Radio Corporation

Launched in March 2020 as the coronavirus threat began to surge, “The Daily Dose” podcast serves as a twelve-minute evening roundup of WYPR’s latest local and state reporting on Maryland’s COVID-19 response, as well as a forum for community members who want to share their stories about everyday life during the pandemic. This daily podcast fosters greater knowledge, connection and understanding for Marylanders navigating the ongoing public health crisis.

Podcasting 101 / Queen City PodQuest Academy

WFAE 90.7 FM (Charlotte's NPR News Source)
Public Radio
Joni Deutsch

As a result of the overwhelming interest WFAE received during the 2019 Queen City PodQuest, we were excited to expand podcasting opportunities for the Charlotte area community with the newly-formed Queen City PodQuest Academy.

For those who wanted to turn their ideas into a podcast but weren’t sure where to start, WFAE offered free “Podcasting 101″ classes as part of its newly formed Queen City PodQuest Academy program. Over the course of 10 weeks (one class per week, all with the same presentation/class materials), ‘Podcasting 101” students gained:

– An understanding of the fundamentals of podcasting
– Tips on how to record, produce, and upload a podcast
– Ideas on how to market the podcast and connect with listeners
– A resource list (with tips, tricks and how-to’s) to help continue podcasting

About 500 students were able to attend our “Podcasting 101” classes, and the students ranged in age (high school to retirees), race/ethnicity, location and experience. Out of those, 30 proceeded to the Queen City PodQuest Academy for in-depth lessons on podcast production, marketing, monetization and beyond. Throughout the eight-week PodQuest Academy, students were able to connect with skilled audio professionals, network with local podcasters and receive expert training to bring their podcast ideas to life.

As a result of the program, some students have reached out to say that their podcast was now being produced, or even released! Through our post-event surveys, we saw the impact of offering this program during quarantine; one of the students shared his gratitude for being inspired to reinvest his time during quarantine to pursue podcasting and to finally be able to share his story.

About 500 students were able to attend our "Podcasting 101" classes, and the students ranged in age (high school to retirees), race/ethnicity, location, experience and podcast ideas/stories. Some students have reached out to say that their podcast was now being produced (or even released) as a result of the program. One of the students shared his gratitude in being inspired to reinvest his time during quarantine to pursue podcasting and finally be able to share his story.

This podcast education program garnered a $20,000 grant from the ReEmprise Fund in Charlotte.