2 thoughts on “Larry Bensky, correspondent and anchor for KPFA and Pacifica, dies at 87

  1. In the late 1970s, Bensky brought me into the KSAN “Gnus” Department as an intern and I loved it loved it loved him and learned a lot. Last saw him last fall at his home in Berkeley; we had chocolate cake and orange drink out back of the house. Larry talked about his beloved Proust, offered up tales to astonish for my KSAN oral history book, “The Jive 95,” and insisted I pack the car with political posters from his fabulous collection for my drive back to Santa Monica.

    Bensky was unlike anyone I ever met on radio & in the world we ridiculed any chance we got on KSAN.

    What A Guy!

  2. Bravo for doing such a fine obit. Larry was a beauty. I didn’t know him well enough to call him a mensch but that’s how I thought of him. greatly enjoyed the few occasions he invited me to share the air with him. he was a reminder for those of us writing for “big” newspapers and “giant” publishers that we could be insurrectionists, too.

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