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The pandemic changed a lot of things about the way we work and how we engage with the world. 

It reinforced how important it is to stay connected and engaged with people and experiences that mean the most to you. 

Now that life has settled into a “new normal,” it’s more challenging to nurture those connections. But as I sit at my desk in a small bedroom that has been converted into a makeshift office space, I know that it’s more important than ever. 

Before I began working at Current, our slogan “Public Broadcasting’s Meeting Place” promoted subscriptions. We distributed a poster with the slogan and this picture of an old-school diner. 

That idea of Current as “Public Broadcasting’s Meeting Place” has stuck with me all these years and informs my work as managing editor.  

Current connects people at stations and national organizations with news they need to know and ideas that inspire or challenge them. 

These days, there are many ways for people in public media to connect with colleagues and dig up information that helps with their daily work. That’s why our team works hard to identify the most significant news developments, internal debates and evolving trends that impact public media. And we report on them in ways that help you and your staff make good decisions. It takes resources to produce this coverage, including donations from readers.

I could go through the list of high-impact coverage we’ve published this year — enterprise reporting, analyses and commentaries that helped you “keep current” in 2023. We are now in the process of recruiting a new reporter so that we’ll soon be able to respond more quickly to news developments with exclusive coverage you won’t find anywhere else. 

So, I’m asking you right now to help us connect you to what’s happening in a way that only Current can do. Your gift today is important because it helps us all move public media forward toward a bright and bold future. Just like public media, Current depends on donations to keep our service going strong. 

Thank you for all you do to “Keep Current,” especially now. 

With gratitude,

Karen Everhart, Managing Editor

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