5 thoughts on “Larry Josephson, pioneering producer and freeform host, dies at 83

  1. I loved him. He was my best teacher I had. Started my days off with a mental bang, great music
    ( William Tell ) …and a good nourishing
    intellectual breakfast.
    Adios amigo!

  2. I love the way different obits pick up different aspects of Larry’s life history and persona. Here are a couple more I haven’t seen. Larry used to talk about being in the control room at WBAI when it was invaded, he was thrown out, and the station was taken over. I imagine, knowing Larry, that he was anathema to the lefties. (I had some humdinger arguments with him when he took what I thought were unreasoned oppositional stands.) I met him when he returned to Berkeley to complete his undergraduate degree in linguistics. He said he had to leave the air because he had been talking about his baby (with Charity) and the baby died. He met Valerie there and they married (staying at my house on Martha’s Vineyard) and had Jennie, whom he adored but towards whom he could be difficult. Larry loved babies, children. He would twinkle at them and engage with any child he saw. He was an incredibly loyal and supportive friend. He managed to maintain our friendship through bitter fights — about women and feminism, racism, and the worst was about Tienanmen Square, and whether the NY Times reporter should have given the name of a man he interviewed, who was found and killed. Larry was wrong. Except when he was married to Valerie or in one of his frequent romantic relationships, I was one of the many women he proposed to, fairly often , including offering inheritance of his rent-controlled apartment. I miss those proposals, the music, the jokes and the groan-worthy incessant puns. the warm welcome, the smile and hugs.

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