3 thoughts on “Victor Holliday, longtime producer of on-air fundraising for NPR, dies at 61

  1. I’m just discovering this today, May 1, 2023, and am so saddened by it. I worked with Victor for years, both at WJHU in Baltimore and at NPR in Washington. He was a buoyant spirit and brilliant light, always cheerful and full of joy. I have several photos of him from our time together at WJHU. Just so sorry to read this news.

  2. My spirit was in need of your sunshine. So I searched for you on Google. I’m just finding out this news today. We met during the Christmas holiday and clicked instantly. We both so loved the holidays and decorating. Every time that we would see each other on the train it would be one happy ride home. Full of love and laughter. I’ll miss you my dear friend. Rest in Paradise. Love, Tish

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