Yamiche Alcindor to leave ‘NewsHour’ for NBC News, will retain ‘Washington Week’ role

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Yamiche Alcindor, an award-winning White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour, was hired as a Washington correspondent for NBC News.

Alcindor starts the job in March, according to a Tuesday staff memo from NBC News Washington bureau chief Ken Strickland. Variety was first to report Alcindor’s new role.

In the memo, Strickland said Alcindor will cover “the Biden administration, the impact of federal policies on communities across the country, and issues at the intersection of race, culture and politics.”

Alcindor has appeared on MSNBC since 2013 and has been a political contributor to NBC News and MSNBC since 2016, appearing on programs including Meet the Press and Morning Joe.

“This feels like coming home to family,” Alcindor said on Twitter.

Alcindor, who joined NewsHour in 2018, will give up her role with the public television program but will remain moderator for the Friday-night political roundtable Washington Week, a role she took on this year.

In a staff memo, NewsHour EP Sara Just said Alcindor’s last day with the program is in mid-January.

Before NewsHour, Alcindor worked for The New York Times, USA Today and Newsday and was an intern for The Washington Post. Her reporting has focused on civil rights and inequality, including topics such as policing and immigration policy.

She won the White House Correspondents’ Association’s Aldo Beckman Award and the National Association of Black Journalists Journalist of the Year honors last year. She has also won the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Gwen Ifill Award, named after one of Alcindor’s mentors.

Alcindor’s departure follows news of change at NewsHour Productions, a subsidiary of WETA in Washington, D.C. The organization took over management of Washington Week and is also preparing to solely operate NewsHour Weekend with Geoff Bennett as host. Bennett, who most recently worked as a White House correspondent for NBC News and a fill-in anchor for MSNBC, will remain a contributor to both outlets.

This story has been updated with the date of Alcindor’s departure from NewsHour.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly said Alcindor joined NewsHour in late 2018. She started in January 2018.

40 thoughts on “Yamiche Alcindor to leave ‘NewsHour’ for NBC News, will retain ‘Washington Week’ role

  1. Yamiche Alcindor is fantastic and the epitome of professionalism, brains and poise. Been watching and admiring her for years

  2. She was great, a wonderful professional reporting the capital. I will miss her reporting but when you have the opportunity to move on take it. I wish her the very best with her new assignment.

  3. My husband and I also enjoy Yamiche’s professional reporting and her knowledge of what she is reporting. Good luck on your promotion, we will still be watching!

  4. I am not a fan of Yamiche. She speaks too fast, is not elegant or articulate in her speech and sometimes smiles inappropriately when reporting serious news. On Washington Week she takes too much of the spotlight when we should be hearing from the guest reporters. She is basically in over her head

    • I really find this comment offensive. Yamiche is one of the true journalists we have in the United States who is more than qualified to provide news and insights to the public in these more than troubling times in a fight to keep our democracy.
      Barbara Ruether
      New York City

    • Yes, she does speak too fast at times.. Her mind moves fast and her knowledge and insight give her a lot to say. I think she will slow down over time and, with her talent, she should be given all the time in the world. Congratulations, Yamiche! Glad I will still see you on Washington Week!

    • I have a different point of view.
      So sad you can’t recognize her excellent broadcasting.
      Perhaps you might reconsider and see
      If your views might be racist. Just a thought.
      Thank you for considering my suggestion.

      • Wow. Because someone politely shared an opinion about Yamiche’s quick rate of speech, they might be racist? How have we gotten here? I have a lot of respect for her and her thorough journalism but she does does speak too quickly and is often a bit inarticulate in how she fumbles through her statements, when compared to the other members of the PBS Newshour staff. Amna Nawaz and Jonathan Capeheart for example, are two people of color on that show who are far more articulate in their communication. Love Yamiche and wish her well on her new role, but it’s not racist to say that she should work on her rate of speech to continue improving herself, as all true professionals strive to do.

        • I agree. She is an excellent journalist and very smart and knowledgeable. But I did have to frequently rewind a bit to make sure I absorbed all the info she was reporting.

    • Lynn, I am no less than grateful for the dedication and extreme talent of Yamiche Alcindor as she brings to light the stories that inform us over these challenging years. As an older woman with a communications background, I’ve been curious about the younger generation of reporters who would take up the gauntlet, so to speak, in these troubled times. Yamiche is one of those whose talent is startling. Her delivery is-clear, and highly informative—it speaks to the dedication of a caring reporter who shares research, facts and perspective as few can do. She makes it personal in the best of ways.
      As for your comments, I invite you to watch the wonderful Washington Week which Yamiche hosts. Look at the highly efficient job she does, and the genteel and knowledgeable way she encourages her guests to bring us the best reporting on any nestowrk program. Yamiche is a gift and I will be thankfully catching her reporting whenever I can.

      Eileen in Portland

  5. Ya Moche—good luck in your new position. We have enjoyed watching you grow into the excellent journalist you have become.

  6. Congratulations on your next best endeavor. Will miss your insights and concise reporting on PBS. Glad you will continue Washington week. You consistently present accurate reporting as well as using the insights of the reporters who join you on Friday night.
    Go get them Girl!!!

  7. Yamiche, God bless you and congratulations on your new position at NBC news. Glad to see that you continuing to moderate Washington Week and provide your viewers with professional and accurate reporting of the week’s events in our Nation’s Capitol.

  8. Congratulations to you Yamiche- I am very sorry to see you leave the Newshour but will continue to watch you on Washington Week. I appreciate the perspective you bring to the news and your professional but also your fighting spirit. You are a gem. Best of luck.

  9. Her coverage for the News Hour has been passable. Her work as moderator of Washington Week is poor. She does not have the gravitas to act as moderator of this program. She is ill suited for this role and is is well over her head. NBC will suit her well.

    • She does speak fast on Washington Week, but I feel that is due to the limited timeframe for that show. I wish it could expand to 60 minutes as I feel with 3 guests, there’s not enough time to cover things adequately, it’s so rushed. That would allow Yamiche more opportunity to also give more time to guests to elaborate. I think that would be a tough job to host as news changes up to the minute

  10. Yamiche has been one of the few Newshour members that reminds us of the Halcyon years of McNeil Lehrer, and subsequently of Gwen, Jeff, David, Mark – and more recently – of William Brangham.
    Losing her diminishes the Newshour even further – she will be missed.

  11. We love Yamiche and believe she is one of the very best TV and print journalists around. NBC’s (MSNBC ?) huge gain. Happy she will continue to moderate Washington Week In Review.

    Curt & Vicki Groninga

  12. Yamiche has been an excellent White House reporter for the NewsHour, notwithstanding that she does sometimes talk very quickly. I wish her well!
    Melbourne, Australia

  13. PBS majorly blew it in not offering Yamiche as a possibility for Judy’s eventual retirement. She is stunning!!! Articulate, whip smart,and an excellent interviewer!! Oh Yamiche!! You will be sorely missed by this NEWSHOUR fan. Blessings!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS, Yamiche. I will miss seeing you on PBS Newshour, but I also watch the NBC Nightly News and hope to see you there. You are doing a great job on Washington Week. Best to you.

    Patricia — Peoria, IL.

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