WAMU reaches second deal to sell Maryland station

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WAMU in Washington, D.C., has agreed to sell an FM station on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to religious broadcaster Atlantic Gateway Communications.

Screenshot of a WGTS video showing in purple the coverage area of the frequency in Ocean City, Md.

Atlantic Gateway intends to buy WRAU 88.3 FM in Ocean City for $650,000, according to an asset purchase agreement filed with the FCC. WAMU said in a press release Wednesday that the deal is expected to close in late June or early July.

“Currently, the WRAU audience makes up just over 2% of WAMU’s weekly broadcast audience,” WAMU said in the release. “Selling WRAU will give WAMU an opportunity to focus its resources on the Washington, D.C., region by cultivating audiences in the high-density metropolitan area through digital platforms and new broadcast formats.”

Atlantic Gateway owns WGTS, a Christian music station in Washington’s Maryland suburbs.

WAMU has operated WRAU since 2010 as a simulcast of its main broadcast. It had agreed last year to sell the Ocean City station to Delaware First Media, the public radio outlet based in Dover. That deal fell through due to “the realities of the economy brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,” WAMU said in an October release.

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  1. So not a fan of Kelli Steele and I really miss all of the more professional broadcasters on WAMU. I can’t believe I can’t get that station anymore! DO I need Sirius to get WAMU?

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