3 thoughts on “Native broadcaster Harlan McKosato dies at 54

  1. I still think about you brother, and I miss our always too short times together.
    “Kutchiak” John Gregg Sr.

  2. For some reason, this morning March 3rd 2024 out of the blue I wondered what Harlan was up to nowadays. Google gave me the sad news that he had passed.. I was saddened as I had listened to Harlan for over 10 years in Albuquerque. Although I am a wasichu, I would listen to Harlan as I worked at my glass blowing bench and was always enlightened and entertained by his radio presence because he provided a connection to the Native American perspective which is important living in New Mexico. I will always remember him fondly, as a person and the radio personality. He was the best at what he did.

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