One thought on “Craig Brush, former KCOS station manager, dies at 67

  1. Craig Brush was a truly a unique fundraiser, as one of my influences teaching me to pitch on air – he had the unique ability to look directly in the soul of the viewers eyes at home. Like the days of old at WPBT with guys like George Dooley and John Felton, Sr. and John Reynolds pitching on-air – – Craig Brush was the master at ad-libbing connections from messages in the programs he was pitching into relatable call-to-action motivations for everyone watching him in South Florida – especially us classic Tom Baker Doctor Who fans growing up and watching Channel 2.

    I remember how Craig would tell stories about the mission of our institution – and actually cry at the thought of the greater good and betterment we could strive for, he was one of a rare breed and I thank him for teaching me some essential life-lasting lessons on why we pitch shows, the art and the craft of knowing your audience skillfully and with careful distinction.

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