Current’s executive director is recovering after serious accident

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Our courageous leader and colleague Julie Drizin was seriously injured Aug. 11 when a Chevy Tahoe struck her while she was riding her bicycle. 

Because she landed on grass and not asphalt, Julie is alive and not paralyzed. After treatment  at a trauma center in Baltimore, she was transferred to a rehab center in Chevy Chase, Md., where she expects to stay for a month.

“I do not have a brain injury (as far as I know). But my pelvis is broken,” Julie wrote in a Facebook post days after the accident. “My hips and sacrum are fractured. And I am heartbroken because I had worked hard to get in excellent physical and emotional health; I had so many things to do this week and this month, etcetera, that will not now get done.”

I’m sharing this news on Julie’s behalf because Current’s readers are accustomed to hearing directly from her. She regularly writes letters to share what’s on her mind, what’s going on with Current and what projects we are working on to keep you informed and inspired about the work of public media.

Speaking for myself and the staff of Current, we are heartbroken, too — for Julie, her new husband and her family; for the loss of her spirited presence and persistence in leading us forward. Julie constantly brings new ideas, new connections and out-of-the-box solutions to our challenges. Our small team now suddenly feels much smaller.

Our colleagues at the American University School of Communication and our partners in the Local That Works project — Mark Fuerst, Greater Public and the Wyncote Foundation — are stepping up to help us support Julie during her recovery.

We see so many challenges ahead — for public media at large and Current.  We intend to keep delivering news and opinion that will inform the decisions you make this week and in the future. And we’ll press forward on initiatives to strengthen our news coverage and stabilize Current. Local That Works, Julie’s favorite project showcasing innovative and replicable local public media initiatives, will go on as planned for this fall. 

Julie has a strong and supportive network of family, friends and colleagues. At this time, she hasn’t requested special assistance in her recovery. Her note to Facebook friends closed with: “Those who know me will know prayers are not my thing, but sending good vibes will feel good. And please reach out to your significant loved ones today and let them know how much they mean to you because, clearly, things can change in a heartbeat.” 

For the rest of us at Current, I would add one more request: Cherish and support the people you work with; appreciate those who elicit your best and bring joy to your workplace. 

14 thoughts on “Current’s executive director is recovering after serious accident

  1. Please share healing vibes with Julie, coming with much aloha from Hawaii. Julie has been my rock in getting answers and finding information. Greatly appreciate her. Please let her know…Meriel Collins from PBS Hawaii.

  2. Please wish Julie the best from all of us! Her leadership of Current has been exemplary and her presence will be missed. Who do I argue with about subscription fees and print vs. digital now? Just kidding. We hope she mends quickly!

    • All the best for Julie and a complete recovery. Her work will be missed but Karen, I am confident that you and others will manage this difficult time in a manner that will make her proud!

    • all Best wishes for a complete recovery. Karen, I know that you and others will manage this difficult time. Julie could not have a better team supporting her.

  3. I’m so thankful Julie landed on the grass and not the asphalt. Public media needs her, and this was scary. Here’s to as quick and complete a recovery as possible. – Dan

  4. Things can change in a moment – a good lesson to us all. Clearly, more bike safety is needed and ramifications for mowing down a cyclist. Glad to hear that Julie remains positive and undaunted. Wishing her a speedy return to Current and her colleagues in public media.

  5. Julie — Hope you heal swiftly. Take care of yourself and we’ll promise not to make too much news while you’re in recovery! All the best.

  6. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Julie, her indomitable spirit should aid that recovery. Many don’t realize the danger from distracted drivers, my niece was almost killed (her companion biker was killed) on a cross-country bike trek.

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