Virginia network announces rebranding

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Virginia’s Community Idea Stations have a new name: VPM.

The Richmond-based network announced Tuesday that the name, which it says represents “Virginia’s home for Public Media,” will identify all of its radio and TV stations starting Monday. Its Richmond TV station, WCVE PBS, will become VPM PBS. WCVW PBS, a second TV station, will be VPM Plus.

Among the network’s radio stations, WCVE News and WCVE Music will be rebranded as VPM News and VPM Music.

Community Idea Stations worked with marketing agency Simpson Scarborough to research the change. A survey of almost 38,000 people found that 43% thought a name change was a good idea, while 31% said it wouldn’t change their feelings about the network. Community Idea also held focus groups with its boards, supporters, staff and community members. 

Along with the rebranding, the network will standardize its main PBS schedule in Harrisonburg, Richmond and Charlottesville. 

“Our newly crafted brand promise is to be Virginia’s trusted source for lifelong learning that is entertaining, objective and locally relevant,” said Jayme Swain, CEO of parent organization Virginia Foundation for Public Media, in a post on the station’s website. “To fulfill this promise, we will produce more local storytelling across platforms and connect that content to the community through outreach and engagement.”

One thought on “Virginia network announces rebranding

  1. I love most programming on public television, however, three nites ago I came across a program that was so politically charged vs our current President that my jaw dropped.
    When you are significantly tax funded, how dare you use my tax dollars to choose political sides. I will be contacting my local/state/Federal representatives to voice my displeasure and push for eliminating your Federal funds. And State funds if you receive any.
    Biting the hand that feeds you is not a smart play.
    Socialism/Liberalism doesn’t work. Look across the pond.

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