One thought on “After years of losses, Maryland stations explore collaboration to cut costs

  1. Being in this market, I very much prefer WRAU/WAMU when I have the radio on. Where the Delmarva stations are mainly music, WRAU/WAMU is solid, dynamic talk. This is what we need in this day and age to stay informed. If the Delmarva stations were smart, they may want to consider shifting some NPR talk programming to the 12~1 slot when Kojo Naamdi is on as an alternative for those who want to hear dynamic talk but are not concerned about DC local issues.

    Of course, the other huge issue here is that Delmarva lacks HD. Being on the far western side of the Salisbury-Ocean City market, I can’t receive any HD on a portable radio or even with an SDR. The very little HD in this market is “east of the 13”. Perhaps, the Delmarva stations should look at going HD, and moving their music to HD while making the primary streams on all three (SCL, SDL and ESM) much more full-service with a much higher talk to music ratio.

    If they don’t want to do anything, perhaps it’s time to sell WSDL. I am pretty sure I could get Pacifica Foundation to consider bidding for that station and trust me, with commercial talker WGMD in the market and WCBM across the bay, we seriously need something here to counteract the Sussex County alt-right banter. AFIAK, no one on Delmarva that I am aware of (except for REC-FM by stream) plays Democracy Now! I am sure too that EMF is also gnawing it’s teeth hoping someone here below 92 budges.

    Instead, “Friends of Delmarva” posts internet memes blasting WRAU as not “real Delmarva radio” (which, in a way, is true).. but perhaps, it’s radio that Delmarva wants to hear. There are a LOT of small towns here in Delmarva that are being denied their own local service because of these for giant pubcasters.

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