Introducing a new way to ‘keep Current’

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Current is beginning an experiment that gives subscribers another way to read and interact with our coverage — through digital editions of our newspaper.

We’re distributing the May 7 edition through Issuu, a leading platform for presenting print publications in digital formats. Digital subscribers will be able to read and scroll through the paper and follow links related to our content.

Our first digital-only edition, to be published June 11, is one of two planned for this year. We’ll be distributing future print editions via Issuu as well.

In our recent reader survey, most respondents said they read Current on desktops and laptops. Print ranked second as our most-used platform, indicating that a core group of our readers prefers the format. Since we are producing fewer editions of our print newspaper, we want to help you stay up to date about important public media news, whichever way you like to keep Current.

This is an exclusive offer for our digital subscribers. Email us to let us know what you think of the Issuu experience.

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