16 thoughts on “In Missouri, investigation of tower accident continues as station seeks to restore service

  1. Good article on the collapse of the tower for KOZK-PBS in Springfield, Missouri. I believe this tower was a Kline used by KYTV (also in Springfield) before it was donated to KOZK. According to the FCC/FAA tower registry, it was built in 1971.

    • That’s correct (and was actually mentioned in an early draft of the story that had to be cut for space.) An old tower is not automatically a bad tower – but it takes lots of attention to regular maintenance and inspections.

  2. Steve was a friend and a colleague,
    He was also one of the very best tower rigger in the business.
    My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
    And we shall see each other again on Gods TOWER.
    A M E N

  3. I was Asst Chief Engineer at KYTV (KY3) for 13 of my 27 years there. I spent many a day and late night working on, around and under this tower. One summer, we had to have a number of “diagonals” (cross members) replaced. My boss didn’t sleep well during this process. He was told that a number of towers had come down while replacing diagonals. To say this was a dangerous undertaking was a HUGE understatement!! It will be interesting to see OSHA’s final report on this horrible accident.
    I was very sad when this collapse happened. My condolences and prayers go out to the family of the gentleman who lost his life and the crew who were hospitalized. That could have happened while under my watch. That’s why I feel very close to this accident. Thanks for allowing me to share. DW

  4. If my information is correct, KOZK has resumed service, but has a limited service area. They may be planning to move to the KYTV tower after that tower is reinforced for the additional load. KY 3 is also involved in a RePack channel move.

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