San Francisco’s KMTP pursues channel-share agreement to stay on air

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The licensee of San Francisco’s KMTP in San Francisco is working on a channel-sharing deal that would keep it on air after it sold its spectrum in last year’s FCC auction, according to commission filings.

The Minority Television Project is in talks with Poquito Mas Communications LLC, the licensee of low-power KCNZ in San Francisco. MTP agreed to relinquish its spectrum for $87.8 million during the FCC’s incentive auction.

In its FCC filing, KMTP said it had initially hoped to continue broadcasting by acquiring KCSM-TV in San Mateo from San Mateo Community College. But MTP lost out to North Bay Public Media, licensee of KRCB in Windsor, which purchased KCSM for $12 million.

Financial details of the proposed KCNZ deal were blacked out in the FCC filing.

Broadcasters who accepted incentive auction buyouts from the FCC received payments in July 2017. Broadcasters like KMTP who accepted buyouts but also planned to pursue channel-sharing deals were initially supposed to vacate their spectrum by Jan. 23. But the FCC granted extensions of the deadline.

KMTP has received a waiver until April 23 to clear its pre-auction channel, an FCC spokesperson said.

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