4 thoughts on “Host of WPT’s ‘Sewing With Nancy’ dies at 64

  1. Nancy was a wonderful educator and human being. She is thought of often when I am sewing. Prays for all of you and especially Nancy.

    • I first started watching Nancy when I was quite young and loved her show especially when she showed how to sew clothing to fit you properly. being a very petite person I could never find anything to wear and everything had be altered. Thank you Nancy you are now in a better place. You had a wonderful life. You made many people very happy.

  2. I just became acquainted with Sewing with Nancy. I loved her simple style and loving way she had with fabrics which I love so much . I just turned on the tv tonight to watch Create and was surprised to find a show totally devoted to Nancy. I did not know she had Bells Palsy. I knew nothing of her program that was on public tv for decades. And I also did not know she had passed away. I thought the shows I had watched were current and that I would continue to see her each week, teaching and comforting me with her sweet ways.

    My heart is broken. I had come to love watching her as I used to do a little quilting many years ago and hoped I would learn to finally finish the baby quilt I had started for my then unborn baby boy.

    There is nothing left to say except GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU NANCY. You are truly L<3VED.

    Danielle Stecky….xxx

  3. I truly loved watching Nancy, I learned so much from her, I started sewing when I was 8 years old, she was like a mentor to me, I was heart broken when I heard she had passed away, I am seventy one years old , I still love watching her one PBS, she is truly missed, God bless you Nancy, RIP❤️
    Wanda Johnson—-Fla.

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