‘The Pub’ #101: How to be a boss

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You got promoted! Great. Now what? Years of journalism training haven’t necessarily prepared you for the art of managing people. You might even find yourself supervising your peers. Before you know it, you stop getting those invitations to happy hour. You are the boss.

Judith Smelser and Michael Marcotte have seen this scenario and many, many others. Both are consultants and former news directors who train public media managers around the country. On this episode of The Pub, we talk about how a new manager learns to be the boss.

Smelser and Marcotte have tips on everything from time management to planning for crisis coverage, all while dealing with challenging personality types in the newsroom. Spoiler: Reporters are difficult to manage.

Also on the show: Is public media taking the right kinds of risks?

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Annie Russell is a stand-up comedian and the former deputy news director of Vermont Public Radio.

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