PBS Development, stations to test social media fundraising platform

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PBS Development Services will hold a webinar Thursday on a fundraising campaign that aims to convert social media followers to donors.

The pilot campaign will use Goodworld.me technology to streamline the process of making a donation from Facebook or Twitter. It will support March pledge drives of up to 10 stations.

Through Goodworld.me, social media users will be invited to contribute through Twitter and Facebook during the first two weeks of March. Each person who replies to a station’s ask with the hashtag #donate and a gift amount will receive a reply with a one-time link to sign up for Goodworld. After entering financial information and completing the transaction, the contributor can give to any organization that uses Goodworld’s technology by using the #donate hashtag.  

To participate in the pilot campaign. stations must apply by Feb. 10. PBS will support station fundraisers by providing digital assets that include a campaign calendar, messaging copy, creative and cross-marketing strategies for supporting pledge drives.

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