Hosts familiar to public media filling ‘PBS NewsHour’ co-anchor slots

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Guest co-anchors are rotating onto weeknightly broadcasts of the PBS NewsHour, working beside Judy Woodruff, co-anchor and managing editor.

Woodruff shared the job of helming PBS NewsHour with Gwen Ifill, who died in November.

The show’s management is still “considering next steps for the program,” NewsHour spokesperson Nick Masella told the Journal-isms blog.

Inskeep (Photo: Doby Photography/NPR)

Inskeep (Photo: Doby Photography/NPR)

Correspondent Hari Sreenivasan, anchor of NewsHour Weekend, initially stepped up as co-anchor while Alison Stewart filled in for him on the weekend broadcast. Stewart, former host of PBS’s Need to Know newsmagazine and NPR’s Bryant Park Project, co-anchored the weeknight NewsHour last week. Starting tonight, Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep will co-anchor for the next few days, Masella told Current.

Ifill also moderated the Friday-night political roundtable Washington Week. For now, producing station WETA in Washington, D.C., is relying on guest hosts for that show, according to spokesperson Mary Stewart. No decision has been made on a new moderator, she said.

“The future of the show is solid,” Stewart said. “The moderator is the outstanding question.”

  • Susan Arcady Barich

    Our house here on the Central California Coast LOVE Steve Innskeep. He’s properly expressive. We’d love to see him in Gwen’s chair. I still cry when you do shows on Gwen. I never realized I could love a news anchor!

    • Art Young

      Well said! I miss her too!

  • Nelia

    Love seeing and hearing Steve on the. News Hour. He has such great presence!

  • Don Prial

    Steve Inskeep is solid and highly professional for sure but would love to see Ray Suarez back in the PBS fold.

    • johnshaplin

      yea but Saurez is so cool and rational, it would make Judy’s hysterical approach look even worse

      • Art Young

        Judy Woodruff is “hysterical?” We must be watching two different broadcasts!

  • Karen

    Hari has earned it but I also like Steve. Steve seems a bit more polished but Hari comes across with credibility and warmth. Either would be excellent but I’d chose Hari ! I still miss Hari’s Friday nights chats with Brooks and Shields. ?

  • Art Young

    I’ve truly enjoyed seeing the face behind the voice of NPR’s early morning show. Steve Inskeep was just awesome, and oh so articulate. The voice that I have awakened to, nearly every morning for the last handful of years; now on my favorite evening news program…perfect! Seriously though he brings a great presence, and seems like such a natural compliment to the Newshour. I love the entire news crew, and Hari Sreenivasan in particular. Steve Inskeep is a natural fit! Those of us who rely on the PBS Newshour for fair, and very balanced news content, and presentation, are truly blessed!

  • John Maher

    I think Steve Inskeep is the best of several very good
    co-anchors and I hope will be the permanent choice. John

  • Sandi Johnson

    I hope the new co-anchor will be Steve Inskeep.

  • Julio

    I think Inskeep comes across very badly on TV. He makes odd faces and keeps moving his hand up and down,pointing into the desk, which comes across as very strange and aggressive. I think he is very awkward and I almost can’t look at the screen when he is on.

    • Aaron Read

      FWIW, we had Steve Innskeep anchoring Morning Edition from Providence one morning last summer, and I dragged myself in at oh-dark-thirty to chat a bit with him and the crew. One of the things me mentioned…and I saw this in action as the show progressed…is that it helps to be overly expressive in your facial expressions and body gestures while you talk, because it affects how your voice sounds and helps convey various emotions to the listener.

      It’s quite possible that, despite Innskeep being a consummate broadcast professional, it’s hard to learn (overnight, even!) how to stop doing that entirely for TV.

  • Darla Mabery

    I find Steve Inskeep a wonderful addition to the PBS Newshour! It was a joy to put a face to that distinctive wonderful voice. He is clear eyed and straightforward; he reminds me of the old Walter Cronkite days when you knew the man on screen wasn’t just a talking head reading cue cards. He is a natural. Please make him the permanent co-host! He’s a perfect balance for Judy Woodruff.

  • Thomas Sadlowski

    PBS has always been my choice for the news; with objective and unbiased moderators who always kept their opinions and biases to themselves. I sensed a change during this election; with even Judy Woodruff occasionally crossing over the line of pure objectivity; with pounding and repetitive questions spoken in the tone of a prosecutor bound and determined to get “the truth” (as she believed it) from the defendant.

    Steve Inskeep confirms the change. Steve is one of the guys who have caused me to stop listening to NPR. The ultimate “attack dog”; a person who injects opinion and emotion into virtually everything he does. You can almost feel him calling a person a liar in an interview by the the inflections in his voice and that “sound of incredulousness”. I watched him on TV for the first time yesterday. Even his mannerisms (head inflections, eyebrows) inject “bias”. I thought I was watching FOX News.

    On the other hand, there’s Ray Suarez and Hari Sreenivasan. Both consumate professionals who can “drill down” in interviews to get all the news that’s there; while doing it in a way that isn’t prosecutorial, opinionated or emotional. But one day Ray simply disappeared from the newscast. In the last part of the year it looked like Hari would get Gwen’s seat. Great choice; and a guy who earned it! But when I turned on the broadcast yesterday, there was Steve Inskeep.

    Come on, PBS! You’re loosing your “core values” and going the way of other “sensationalizing” news organizations.

    • That’s a good news organization, not sensationalist. It’s civil and unbiased, and as every PBS programme, it’s uncut. #PBSNEWS

    • damnyankee

      PBS – its not “public” it is Pentagon Broadcasting System. 80% of the content consists of the usual suspects – neocons, wall street shills, and Pentagon cheerleaders.

    • Brad Deltan

      …..have you lived through the same 2016 as the rest of us?

  • Wendy Farkas

    Please keep Steve Inskeep as co-anchor. I think he’s a good balance for Ms. Woodruff and that they make a good team.

  • It’s Sreenivasan, not with a H. Even Alison Stewart says the pronounce of the second name. #PBSNEWS

    • Thanks for the catch, Vinko, we fixed the misspelling.

      • You’re welcome. But don’t forget about the project to digitize and remaster the whole episodes of #novapbs, for future DVD or Blu-Ray releases, like “Locusts: War Without End” released in 1981. A two-reel tape version is available on with a bad quality of audio. That audio sounds too wobbly. Ask @mamanova for this.

      • Now Antonio Mora anchored last week, and this week is the turn of science correspondent Miles O’Brien. Good for him, for the one-handed guy. #PBSNEWS

  • Kristin Donahue

    In response to the comment made by Thomas Sadlowski below, with this current election, there is no way to appear unbiased to some degree without looking like you are trying to put a cocktail napkin over the body of the elephant in the room to try to hid it. At some point, you have to deliver the news, as unpleasant as it may be. This president and regime is not normal and you would look foolish to try to make it appear that way. What I was writing for was to endorse Hari as the next coanchor with Judy. I feel he has earned the position and when I see other coanchors step in, I ask why not Hari?