Enthusiastic Torah broadcaster interferes with New York Public Radio signal in Brooklyn

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A pirate broadcaster is annoying some fans of WQXR, New York Public Radio’s classical station.

The broadcasts on 105.7 FM are “mostly a man ‘yelling and lecturing about the Torah’ in English and Hebrew,” according to the New York Post. The signal is bleeding into WQHR’s broadcasts on 105.9 FM, disrupting the listening experience for classical music lovers in Brooklyn.

An FCC spokesperson told the newspaper there is no legal operation registered on 105.7.

New York Public Radio has received “a handful of complaints” from listeners, spokesperson Jennifer Houlihan Roussel told Current. The station also filed three complaints with the FCC, the first on Nov. 10.

While the issue is being resolved, she added, affected listeners can tune in to the live stream at WQXR.org.

The number of pirate stations in New York City is up 58 percent over last year, New York State Broadcasters Association President David Donovan told the Post.

  • Brad Deltan

    So just where the hell are the FCC “Tiger Teams” that Chairman Wheeler promised when he gutted they already-insufficient Enforcement Bureau?

    • MarkJeffries

      But our resident libertarians will probably say that free enterprise and our Judeo-Christian tradition should win out over gov’t radio.

  • We need a new online stream.