‘Roadshow’ appraiser brothers sued for auction actions, nonpayment

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Leslie and Leigh Keno, twin brothers who have appraised items on Antiques Roadshow for years, are the subject of two lawsuits over auction bids and $600,000 in nonpayment for items.

One complaint accuses them of “auction misconduct, which resulted in unjustifiably higher purchase prices of auction items,” according to the New York Times. In one New Orleans auction, the Kenos, who are business partners, bid against each other some 50 times for a carpet, then did not pay once Leslie won the item.

Leslie explained the situation in an email to the New Orleans Auction Galleries cited by the newspaper: “This was a situation where my brother thought I was bidding on the lot, and I thought HE was bidding on it.”

The brothers’ attorney said nonpayments were due to a cash-flow problem. The brothers settled one of the lawsuits last week.

Marsha Bemko, Antiques Roadshow executive producer, told the newspaper that the Kenos appear in episodes this season and next season, which is now in production. Bemko said she looked forward to their continued appearances. “I hope it is business as usual,” she said.

The Kenos do not receive payment for their Roadshow appearances, nor do any of the other appraisers on the program.

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