Current to launch digital subscription

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Current has arrived at another turning point in its history. We are preparing to introduce a digital subscription this summer.

In the past five years, Current has expanded our staff and our service to you, but we haven’t raised our subscription fees, even though the cost of doing business has gone up.

We take our nonprofit status seriously — our mission is to serve the public media community. But, unlike most organizations in public media, Current receives no financial support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We have always depended on institutions and professionals within the system to sustain us. However, our subscription and advertising revenues have both declined since the recession, and the demands of upgrading our digital offerings have presented enormous challenges.

These are challenges we can meet with your support and investment.

If Current is your go-to source for news about public media — information that’s essential to your work — then you’ll want to maintain unlimited access to our online content.

Details on the costs and the timing of our new digital subscription are coming soon. So make sure to watch our website, newspaper and email newsletter for updates.


Julie Drizin

Executive Director

P.S. If you are a station executive or general manager, consider subscribing to Current in print for your board of directors. Many of the most successful leaders and stations in our system provide subscriptions for their staffs and the volunteers serving on their boards to ensure that key decision-makers are well informed about what’s happening in public media.

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