How the fight over public media is missing the point

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2 thoughts on “How the fight over public media is missing the point

  1. As this discussion moves forward, remember that “public media” is more than NPR. It’s also the more than 300 PBS affiliates. Many of these are joint licensees with NPR stations, others work in partnership with their local NPR station.

    If a “public media” house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

  2. What if public media played a leading convening role with the civic technology movement?

    This is huge opportunity to connect with networks like the local “brigades” affiliated with Code for America. Open Twin Cities – – is an example. The citizens who show up are just interested in “open government,” they are interested in community connections and conversations. Using technology for good goes hand and hand with public media.

    As a non-profit – – that has hosted two public dialogue online for twenty years, I think public media could be the engine for community focuses neighborhood by neighborhood and city by city online connecting. From hosting a network of public-spirited online groups to simply being the best directory to all the great local Facebook Groups in the area, public media would have to play an active convening role and drop the broadcaster/show-centric mentality when it comes to hosting online groups. One key area is hosting local spaces for all with inclusion that bridge connections across immigrant and native born neighbors as well as across race.

    Ping me if you are interested in exploring:

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