One thought on “‘Exceptional’ public television programmer Nick Frazer dies at 64

  1. I worked with Nick Frazier many years ago in Colorado. Nick was there when I first started at KBDI in the late 70’s. KBDI had not yet signed on the air. It was a crazy time full of idealism and confusion. For several years we shared an office in a Broomfield warehouse. It was one of the few quiet and sane places with an air that smelled of smoke and sleeping dog. Nick worked hard. KBDI had little money and initially was not a member of PBS. We filled the schedule with an odd mix of old public television classics, public domain movies, classic TV shows and local productions that ranged from rock music to talking heads.

    Nick often worked late into the night piecing together a schedule from scratch, timing out breaks, filling the gaps. Nick thrived in making something special from nothing. His dense and detailed memos often greeted those of us who arrived at more normal morning hours. Nick was much more than a programmer. He could perform most broadcast operational
    functions: master control, camera, editing, directing, and even on-air hosting. It is little known that KBDI piloted a music video series well before MTV was launched as well as a
    home-movies series that pre-dated its commercial successors. Nick was at the heart of those efforts. He was incredibly conscientious but he also had a quiet creative spirit that infused his work and inspired others to work with him. It’s a spirit worth remembering as we look to our future.

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