4 thoughts on “American Public Media Group aims to sell Fla. classical network to religious broadcaster

  1. APMG never understood how to program classical right for this market. At WTMI, which I’ll remind you was a commercial station, our playlist and style were fine tuned by the likes of Ken Martin, Lyn Farmer, Mark Hart, et. al — local talent with deep roots in the community and a gumption to be playful and occasionally experimental. And we were successful.

    • Basically, all APM was doing was bringing up Classical 24 from St. Paul on the satellite and plugging in IDs and funders. They didn’t do that for KPCC (no matter how some complain about what they think is too many national programs on news-talk public radio), why would they do it for Classical South Florida?

  2. A city without a classical music station is not cultured or civilized. The area has many religious programs and conservative talkers. This was the only Classical Music station. It is a pity., and unfortunately the arts programs are taken out of our schools. What a loss!!! Beth Holland

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