News Consumption in the New Millennium: Audience Trends and New Directions for Public Television

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media timelinePresenter: Christopher Schiavone

Wednesday 3:55–4:40 p.m.

Level 4, JW Ballroom Area 6

The session aims to take the insights of a white paper we’ve written on TV news and apply it to the world of public television, which we think has a unique role to play in the future of TV journalism.

With increasing pressure on commercial news organizations to up the entertainment value of their news programming and cross-promote their other media properties, public media might be the last best hope for authentic TV journalism. But if public television news programming doesn’t pay attention to the reasons that consumers continue to use TV for news — a sense of personal connection to the journalist and the unique grammar of sight, sound and motion — the audiences for its signature news programs will continue to erode.

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