2 thoughts on “Marketplace Money out, Marketplace Weekend in at APM

  1. Can’t say I applaud the change. In my view this is step backwards. There are lots of general economics themed shows; we need to learn more about personal finance. The real nitty gritty of our lives. Marketplace Money filled a much needed voided and educated us about practical steps to take in our lives. Stories about the Fed, GDP, etc. have their importance and are omnipresent, but learning what to do with your own money is priceless.

    I’ll miss Marketplace Money. I really don’t need to brunch on general economic news.

    • I agree. I’ve listened to most of the Marketplace Weekend shows to date,
      and found them in general to be less interesting and less informative,
      and less engaging, than Marketplace Money was. I don’t understand the
      motivation to make this change.

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