Futures Forum to showcase practices for assessing pubmedia impact

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The Public Media Futures Forum and the Center for Investigative Reporting will convene a two-day symposium in Washington, D.C., next week to explore various approaches for measuring and analyzing the impact of media.

“Understanding Impact,” the latest in a CIR series, will feature presentations by public media decision-makers and impact experts, as well as a facilitated discussion of practices and tools that could be developed as a shared system for measuring pubmedia impact.

Public media analyst Mark Fuerst, director of the Futures Forum, will moderate the discussions, to be hosted by American University, April 17 and 18.

The slate of speakers for April 17 includes Lindsay Green-Barber, media impact analyst at CIR; Amy Shaw, senior v.p. of community engagement at St. Louis’s Nine Network; and Debika Shome and Clint Beharry of the Harmony Institute’s ImpactSpace, a forthcoming web application for measuring impact. Executives from Public Radio International, Public Radio Capital, TRAC Media and National Geographic will also participate.

On April 18, keynote speakers are to include Todd Cunningham, director of the Media Impact Center at the University of Southern California; Noland Walker, executive editor of the Association of Independents in Radio’s Localore project; and Caty Borum Chatoo, lead strategist at Participant Media’s Participant Index.

AU’s School of Communication, a partner in presenting the Forums, will produce a live video stream of the symposium that will be accessible on current.org. The Wyncote Foundation of Philadelphia is sponsoring the event.

Tickets cost $150, and space is limited. Registration ends April 17. Contact [email protected] for tickets. In addition to hosting the live video stream, Current will provide live coverage via its Twitter feed.

Editor’s Note: Current is an independent journalism center managed by the American University School of Communication and funded in part by the Wyncote Foundation.

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