3 thoughts on “Activists turn up heat on WGBH over role of David Koch

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  2. “We are not alleging that David Koch is influencing programming decisions,” Kessler said. “We’re saying that we feel it is improper that Koch is affiliated with WGBH.” –

    I’m surprised that this and the earlier article on the same topic drew so few comments from people who believe in public broadcasting, or at least read Current.
    My political views have perhaps no overlap with the Koch Brothers, and I certainly believe in the scientific evidence of human-caused climate change.
    Are agenda driven organizations of any stripe now going to be the arbiter of who is a ‘proper’ person to serve on a PTV Board? Will there be some kind of litmus test that will paint public broadcasting into a corner of the political spectrum? Everyone seems to agree that Koch has not influenced any WGBH programming. Indeed, his contributions over the years to NOVA and Frontline have funded programming that is likely quite opposite of his political leanings.
    Public broadcasting is at its best when it is inclusive and treats points of view with respect. it fails when it falls into political correctness and elitism.

  3. WGBH Is a part of the problem, please stop funding WGBH call and renounce your membership, that is unless your part of the problem too?

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