Cult hit The Best Show on WFMU to end in December after 13 years

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Tom Scharpling is ending his The Best Show on WFMU on Dec. 17, according to Radio Survivor.

Scharpling, who has been hosting the quirky program for 13 years, announced the news on Tuesday.

“It is a huge commitment . . . It’s hard to do something that’s more or less a full-time job for free,” Scharpling told listeners. “I’ve done it for as long as I can do it . . . the reality of this is I can’t sustain my life and this show and the commitment it takes to do it right.”

Radio Survivor noted that The Best Show has “a uniquely strong audience for a community radio program.”

Just last month, Spin magazine carried a feature about Scharpling and his co-host and comedy partner Jon Wurster. In a video introduction, comic Patton Oswald, a longtime fan, said the show “has given me some of the biggest laughs I’ve had over the last 10 years of my life.”

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