Former NPR head Vivian Schiller joining Twitter as head of news partnerships

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Vivian Schiller, NPR president from 2009 to 2011, will join Twitter as head of its newly created News Partnerships division.

Schiller, who announced the job change Oct. 24, steps down as chief digital officer for NBC News to join the social media network. At Twitter, she will cultivate and oversee partnerships with established news outlets, including NPR, according to the New York Times.

During her short tenure at NPR, Schiller played a key role in developing grant-funded projects and services that accelerated public radio’s capacity to deliver news coverage online. But Schiller’s presidency was ultimately marred by her role in the controversial 2010 firing of commentator Juan Williams and the political firestorm that later engulfed the network. Schiller¬†resigned as NPR chief one day after conservative activist James O’Keefe posted hidden-camera footage of the head of the NPR Foundation, Ron Schiller (no relation to Vivian Schiller), criticizing the tea party movement.

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