NPR unveils streamlined new homepage

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NPR rolled out Wednesday a leaner redesigned home page designed to scale easily to screens of all sizes.

The change to the home page on is the first redesign in four years and recognizes the growth in use of phones, tablets and other devices for consuming media. Gone are the previous design’s boxes, which divided up links to dozens of pages. The site now features a flowing main feed of top stories, accompanied by a second column with more links to news and multimedia elements.

The top of the page highlights member stations, with the home station being co-branded with the option to change stations as well. The current program airing on the home station is shown with a play button allowing the visitor to stream the content. Stories contributed by member stations are prominently branded with the station’s call letters and a link to the station’s website.

The redesign also features a new advertising approach for NPR. Ads with “Center Stage” placement are located within the main feed of stories and expand as the reader scrolls down. The feature allows for custom sponsorship, including long-form video. NPR will design each Center Stage and screen video content “to ensure a highly complementary experience.”

The redesign brings the home page in line with an October overhaul of NPR’s blog pages, which also adopted responsive web design.

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