Fourth season of Downton brings influx of themed merchandise

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Downton Abbey merchandise will accompany the Edwardian drama’s fourth-season premiere on British television next month and on PBS in January 2014, reports The Associated Press. There’ll be a board game, housewares, clothes, beauty products and even Downton wine.

The Downton beauty line includes soap, nail polish, lip gloss, lotion and scented candles, “whimsically packaged and adorned with quotations from the series,” according to AP.

Knockout Licensing in New York City, handling Downton merchandising for the United States and Canada, has deals for jewelry from Danbury Mint and Christmas ornaments from Kurt Adler, both going on sale later this year.

“We are businesspeople,” Gareth Neame, e.p., told AP. “We are running a business, which is to create intellectual property and to monetize it. We sell as many DVDs as we can, and we sell the show in as many countries as we can, and you know what, by doing that we get the money on the screen and it allows me to finance other shows that we want to make and employ people. So I’m not coy about the merchandising and its purpose.”

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