Zimmerman verdict protesters damage windows at Youth Radio in Oakland, Calif.

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Youth Radio, the Oakland, Calif.-based nonprofit that trains young people in media production, sustained shattered windows during local unrest on Monday following the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict on July 13, it reported in a blog post.

At least six people were arrested during protests in Oakland, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“Youth Radio has a 20-year history of carving out a safe space — and a creative outlet — for young people like Trayvon” Martin, the teenager that Zimmerman was charged with shooting, the post noted.

The organization also created a video that captured frightening footage of the sidewalk-to-ceiling windows being smashed, and shows youngsters involved with the media project reflecting on the incident.

“I guess I felt kind of betrayed a little bit,” said one, “because what we do at Youth Radio is so in line with what people were protesting against and for, which is making young people of color feel that their lives have value and that their voices matter.”

Youth Radio is also requesting donations to help with repairs to the building, located in downtown Oakland.

One thought on “Zimmerman verdict protesters damage windows at Youth Radio in Oakland, Calif.

  1. Its crazy that Youth Radio for 20 years has been used as a platform for people like the Trayvon Martin Supporters used for commentaries thats sent to KQED, KALW and KCBS.

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