Sesame Workshop and Ape Entertainment release first-ever Sesame Street comic book

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Sesame Workshop and Ape Entertainment released the first comic book featuring the cast of Sesame Street May 4, to coincide with national Free Comic Book Day.

“Comics have always seemed a natural extension for Sesame Street because they reflect the banter and humor that’s such an iconic element of the TV show,” said Betsy Loredo, Sesame Workshop executive editor. “We want to offer kids great content in every type of book that might attract them and to bring families together over a good story.”

Each $3.99 full-color edition is 28 pages and includes five Sesame Street stories. The covers feature five images that, when placed side by side, depict a scene on Sesame Street.

The premier issue includes the first in a series of “How to Read Comics,” describing how speech bubbles provide narration and dialogue in stories.

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This article was first published in Current, May 13 2013.

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