Prometheus Radio founder Pete Tridish will receive the Horace Mann Award

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Dylan Wrynn, a 1992 Antioch grad who chose Pete Tridish (from “petri dish”) as his nom de guerre, founded Prometheus Radio in 1998 to use radio as a force for social change in areas such as housing, environmentalism, health care, antiwar activism and criminal-justice reform. A trained radio engineer who has helped build stations across the U.S., Guatemala, Colombia, Nepal, Tanzania and Jordan, Tridish considers himself — according to Antioch’s website — a “freelance troublemaker.”

In 2011, largely due to organizing efforts spearheaded by Tridish and Prometheus, the FCC granted licenses for up to 3,000 new low-power FM stations.

“Needless to say, I am flattered, humbled, thrilled and embarrassed by the honor, and totally unworthy of the company I have been thrust into,” wrote Tridish in an announcement.

Named after Antioch’s first president, the Horace Mann Award recognizes contributions by alumni who have followed Mann’s advice to the class of 1859 and “won some victory for humanity.” It will be presented June 15 in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

This article was first published in Current, April 1, 2013

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