Budget cuts at Marketplace result in departure of another longtime reporter

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This post was updated at 4:50 p.m. on Feb. 4

Marketplace Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon is leaving the American Public Media show after his position was eliminated in a budget-cutting move, according to a memo released to Current.

Moon, a 12-year veteran with the public radio series covering business and finance news, has served as an occasional fill-in host for Marketplace, Marketplace Morning Report and Marketplace Money. Before joining the Los Angeles-based production in 2000, Moon covered international news for The Associated Press for 20 years; he also served as White House correspondent for the wire service’s broadcast division.

In the Feb. 1 memo announcing Moon’s departure,  Marketplace’s executive producer blames “budget issues” that have carried over from 2012 for the layoff.

“I was recently informed that some of the budget issues we faced last fiscal year have continued and that I would need to reevaluate all positions and determine which were essential as we move forward,” wrote Deborah Clark, e.p.

Minnesota-based APM laid-off 10 employees in a strategic reorganization announced last summer. Those layoffs extended across the public media organization and into Marketplace’s news operation in Washington, D.C., where John Dimsdale, who was bureau chief, was let go.

Eliminating Moon’s position will reduce the show’s staffing level, Clark said, but Marketplace will retain the recently created position of back-up host, which has not been filled.

APM Director of Communications Mary Sutherland said in an email that the decision was a strategic one for the show.

“The elimination of the position of senior business correspondent is not a part of a round of layoffs – but a realignment of positions,” Sutherland wrote.

“We are hiring for a new position of back-up host. In the past several reporters have filled in for our hosts, but with a new dedicated position of back-up host, we will have a strong fill-in for our hosts, without pillaging our reporting staff.”

Moon’s last day with the show will be Feb. 15.

2 thoughts on “Budget cuts at Marketplace result in departure of another longtime reporter

  1. Worth noting: L.A. chapter of Society of Professional Journalists named Moon a Distinguished Journalist less than a year ago, just one of his many awards. A real loss for Marketplace listeners.
    Brian Bland

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