MPT collects Super Bowl wager winnings from KQED

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Faith Wachter, left, MPT director of community engagement, and MPT President Larry Unger display sourdough bread and chocolates received from KQED in San Francisco as a result of the Super Bowl wager. (Photo: Maryland Public Television)

Maryland Public Television can thank the Baltimore Ravens this week for helping the station win a supply of sourdough breads and chocolate.

The station laid some local cuisine on the line with San Francisco’s KQED as part of a friendly wager leading up to the Feb. 3 Super Bowl match between the Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. If Baltimore won, KQED promised to ship the bread and chocolate to MPT. If San Francisco won, MPT would send crab cakes and Bergers cookies, a Balmer fave, across the country.

But despite a second-half comeback attempt from the 49ers, the birds emerged victorious, 34-31, and KQED remained true to its word.

“We had a wonderful time using the Super Bowl as a way to build a partnership with MPT and a closer relationship with our audience,” Scott Walton, KQED spokesperson, told Current. “We asked Facebook fans what we should send IF we lost and these were the top vote-getters.  So while Baltimore was celebrating, our staff was toiling away in the kitchens, baking sourdough bread, making chocolates and seasoning it all with the salt from our own tears.”

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