Interviews from WGBH and BBC doc series Rock & Roll available in streaming form

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Unedited interviews with the subjects in Rock & Roll, the acclaimed 1995 PBS series from WGBH and the BBC, are now available online as streaming video, with support from the Grammy Foundation and WGBH Media Library and Archives. More than 26 million viewers watched Rock & Roll when it originally aired over five nights, according to the station. The programs examined rock’s evolution from the 1950s through the ’90s.

In a February 2008 update to its 1995 story, Current wrote that the series “contained so many musical clips that the producers apparently didn’t want to spend what it would take to extend their broadcast rights. For years, as a result, the series has not been available for broadcast or for purchase on DVD or videocassette.”

Now, the public may watch luminaries such as Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandellas, who reflects on the early days of Motown.

Also included are conversations with producers, writers, engineers and session musicians.

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