Controversial state senator resigns seat to join Georgia Public Broadcasting

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Chip Rogers, the outgoing Georgia State Senate majority leader, is resigning from office to work for Georgia Public Broadcasting, according to the Marietta Daily Journal, in a move that was initiated by Republican Gov. Nathan Deal.

Rogers, also a Republican, made news in October when he organized a lecture for GOP lawmakers “in which a birther activist said that President Barack Obama and the United Nations are using ‘mind-control’ to implement a sustainability agenda,” reports Huffington Post.

“A state lawmaker needs a quick exit from the Legislature, and a position at Georgia Public Broadcasting appears,” writes Jim Galloway, political columnist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Life can be magical that way.”

Galloway wrote in June about Rogers’ previous broadcasting experience, as a pitchman on a sports betting show. Rogers also owned a small AM radio station in Cartersville, Ga., where he had a weekday talk show.

Rogers will head a new GPB programming initiative promoting economic development and jobs in the state. “I always loved doing broadcasting and to this day still do some broadcasting,” Rogers told WSB Radio in Atlanta. “It’s just a real joy of mine.”

“I will have global responsibilities somewhat for the entire organization,” Rogers told the Daily Journal, “but my main focus will be on this new line of programming dealing with Georgia business and Georgia education. My role here was really created in conjunction with the c.e.o. [Teya Ryan] and the governor. We all three worked on his together.”

“As a former state Senator myself,” Gov. Deal said in a statement, “I know how serving as a part-time legislator becomes full-time work that keeps you away from your family too often. Chip’s experience in broadcasting, combined with his many years of work on Georgia’s economic development, match up well with the exciting plans that Executive Director Teya Ryan has for GPB. We appreciate his continued service to the state.”

GPB spokesperson Nancy Zintak said in a statement that Rogers’ work will include “a statewide weekly radio program examining current economic development trends and highlighting companies that are growing and creating jobs.”

“GPB has a long history of serving Georgians with programming that is relevant to career and consumer issues,” Zintak said. “We have long-wanted to create a forum for our communities to learn about jobs in Georgia and areas of growth around the state.”

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