Wyoming PBS G.M. Ruby Calvert to retire in June 2013

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Ruby Calvert, who has worked at Wyoming PBS for three decades, will retire as general manager in June 2013, according to the Ranger daily newspaper in Fremont County.


“It was a very difficult decision,” Calvert said during a Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees meeting on Monday. “It’s still difficult. But I think it’s a good time, for both me and the station.”

Calvert has been at Wyoming’s sole public television broadcaster since it went on the air 1983, working as the programming director for 23 years as well as supervising production, promotion and educational services.

She has served on the University Licensee Association, the Pacific Mountain Network Executive Council and the Small Station Association.

She currently sits on the PBS Board of Directors.

Trustee Roger Gose told the board that Calvert will be difficult to replace. “When Ruby really does leave us, we’re going to lose a very important ambassador at the national level,” he said. “I’ve seen her in action with our legislative members in Congress, and she’s very articulate and persuasive.”

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