StoryCorps to archive Historias Latino project at U-Texas library in Austin

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StoryCorps’ Historias project will house its archives of more than 2,000 audio recordings within the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection at University of Texas at Austin. The collection will be the only complete archive of Historias interviews apart from the comprehensive set at the Library of Congress, the university said in the Nov. 1 announcement. The decision to provide the collection to the university grew out of an early partnership between Historias developers and Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, associate professor in the school of journalism, who oversees the Voces oral-history project on Latino contributions to World War II, which is part of the library’s website.

Once cataloging and digital preservation are complete, Historias interviews will be available to researchers on-site, probably by spring 2013. Online access to the collections is under consideration.

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