One thought on “KAET: 30 years from The Operation to The Latest Procedure

  1. Hello,
    My apologies if this is not the right place to communicate, however perhaps you could forward it it on to right persons. Most likely PBS is already aware of this wonderful nonprofit, volunteer run service providing bikes for free to children and others who are in need of bicycles. Here’s my story: Yesterday, May 30, 2021, I went to their shop to view a bicycle they had posted on Facebook. This used bicycle (has a very cool titanium frame/$2000+) was donated to them. At their shop located in the back of a school, there were several men working on bicycles. Brian, the person who I contacted via Facebook, gave me a tour of the multiple rooms filled with what had to be hundreds old children’s bikes, parts, newly furbished biked, wheels etc. It was all so clean and organized. So, this bike, when sold, will provide some funding for the lease of their building rooms. (Unfortunately for me, the bike was not the right size for me.)Their work is just an amazing volunteer’s work site which I thought might be worth show casing on PBS. Perhaps you might be interested in providing them some assistance by show casing them on one of your shows for children. My name is Jody Streepy, I am a Registered Nurse and live in Phoenix and can be contacted at 865-201-1328. My passion is riding touring bicycles, riding daily. Please feel free to contact me.

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