Modern midwives speak out in Detroit PTV blog inspired by Call the Midwives

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Detroit Public Television has created a blog, Modern Day Midwives, to take an updated look at the nursing services that are the focus of Call the Midwife on PBS, which is set in 1950’s London.

Georgeann Herbert,  s.v.p. content and community engagement for DPTV, said the idea came to her on an elevator at a local hospital that runs a midwife program through its OB-GYN department. She tells the PBS Station Products & Innovation blog: “I wondered, what is life like for a modern-day midwife?” she said. “Would they be viewing the show? What would they think about how the midwives and their clients would be portrayed? So, we made a phone call to ask, and found the midwives were excited to chip in on a blog about the show.”

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