Reporters “need to stop coddling lawmakers,” Seabrook says

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In an interview with Politico, Andrea Seabrook explains how her work on her new project, the DecodeDC website, will differ from her past work as NPR’s congressional correspondent.

“I am going to try to focus myself on the stories that none of the other reporters have time to cover,” she said. “NPR would have loved to have had any of these stories.  . . .  The problem is, as a modern, esteemed news organization, NPR also feels that it needs to cover the daily news and the daily news as currently defined is what happened on the floor today, what’s the big debate in Congress, what’s your government doing. And I completely understand that. But our staff is so small on the Hill that it was impossible for me to do more than a story once in a while that agreed with how I felt it should be covered.”

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