Round 2 of Knight News Challenge: Data

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The Knight News Challenge, an international media innovation contest, revealed today that the second round of competition (with submissions accepted from May 31 to June 20), will be centered on the theme of Data.

Photo via cip_sb on Flickr.

The contest, which is part of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation’s $100 million plus “Media Innovation Initiative,” is split into three rounds this year. The first round (Feb. 27 — Mar. 17) featured the theme of Networks and received 1,078 applications. The field has since been winnowed to 52 finalists, and only 4 to 6 entries will be brought before the Knight Foundation trustees for consideration in mid-June. Winners of Round 1 will be announced on June 18.

John Bracken, director of digital media at the Knight Foundation, writes that, for Round 2, “…we’ll be looking for ideas that help unlock the power of data, by collecting, processing, visualizing or otherwise making it available, understandable and actionable.”
Anyone can enter the contest, and applications should be submitted via the Knight Foundation’s website.

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