PRPD wants help in drafting a “Programmers Manifesto” for public radio

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The Public Radio Program Directors Association is asking public radio programmers for help in developing a “Programmers Manifesto,” a collaborative project that will build on and update the organization’s work on defining public radio’s “Core Values” for today’s media environment.

In a blog post, PRPD says the project is inspired by The Cluetrain Manifesto, a landmark 1999 work about the Web’s disruptive effect on traditional business models and practices. PRPD members are asked to “document and share their beliefs and aspirations for serving significant audiences on line, on the air, during fundraising, and in their communities.”

The process, which will unfold over the next few months, will result in “a modern vision of public service,” says Arthur Cohen, president of PRPD. Programmers are encouraged to submit their ideas to Israel Smith, who is leading the project for PRPD, at [email protected].

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